Well, one of my clients had the bad manners to cancel a visit just 12 hours before I was due to go, so I had an unexpected day off.

Time to visit the woodyard for a bit of wood for the base of my sculpture.

“Home of Wood” is really just a very large shed behind the Rye Spice Company in a seedy part of Rye. Now Rye is one of those places that look like a Disney stereotype of Olde Englande ….as you can see here. In a ‘chicken and egg’ [which came first..] conundrum recently the shopping and the restaurants have gone very upmarket and a fair proportion of gay couples have moved in…. but down by the [ex] dockyard (it is no longer a port, really) there are still some old sheds.

I met an old man in this rusting corrugated-iron lean-to and eventually decided on a nice piece of English beech with very few air-miles attached…. it comes from a local tree.



The first cut took me an hour, the second took longer… by then I was right out of arm juice and went and had a bath, putting the piece of wood in the airing cupboard to dry and hopefully not crack.

The idea is to stain it quite dark grey/black and varnish it with pearlised varnish.

I am still awaiting the arrival of my pearlised white resin after the first delivery turned out to be wrong. However, as the company told me to keep the wrong product while they would send me the right one, it’s all worked out quite well.

I have to clear the work bench for seedlings, so there is a bit of a deadline, which is good as it gives me a bit of kick up the proverbial.

More later… when my arm has recovered.




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2 responses to “Woodyard.

  1. robwardantwerp

    Beautiful piece of wood and look forward to seeing it finished (I used work in a furniture refinish shop)… :)

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