Poo in two worlds

I took delivery of 4 tons of horse poo this weekend and in Inworldz put on a little goat poo build for the SXSW crowd. It wasn’t an entirely new build, parts of it were in storage after a previous Burning Life, but I though a bit of comedy never goes amiss.

wizz sxsw_001

Wizzy watching my goats poo.

SXSW was treated to a special show by some of us in Inworldz, and Wizzy’s E8 attracted quite a bit of attention by all accounts. The Virtual Worlds ‘industry’ sent representatives and Inworldz was there to show off the grid.

I’ve been following the Oculus development with some interest as I think it will be a real ‘game-changer’, a thought shared by many in ‘the industry’ I understand. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s 3D goggles….for want of a simplification…….more here.

…and I’ve been sandpapering. My canopy is finished apart from a finishing coat of varnish and it has a sprinkling of glitter. So, apart from the invasive scent of horse poo permeating my house, there are the odd flecks of glitter which have migrated from the workshop and are to be found on my person and clothing reminding me of a visit by Pixi many years ago which left sequins secreted in odd corners like a little blessing from the fae.

June seems like a long time ago, and it is. I started my new sculpture then, after I got my RA rejection and I’ve been working on it ever since.

My “I bought a piece of wood” blog was therefore a bit of a milestone. The wood wasn’t as important as the fact that another stage of my piece was about to start after the painstaking process of building up nylon fishing line, with layer upon thin layer of transparent resin.

Well, with just a few layers to go, I am about to go to the woodwork stage of my piece. Forming a base is a bit like framing a painting, it’s a pseudo-finish. Like framing, the base can effect the finished piece badly if not well proportioned etc, but a painting can always be reframed as a new base can be made for the sculpture.

Not many people would understand the pleasure in finding a new piece of P60 (3M) sandpaper hiding in the dark but then my life has been pretty full of sandpaper (and muck). I wouldn’t say I’ve been a major sponsor of the sandpaper industry but I’ve helped keep them afloat.

I’m still a Luddite when it comes to sandpapering machines, the effect of hand work is visually obvious to me and, probably, subconsciously registered by the average viewer. It just looks a little more pleasing to see slight deviations from the geometrically perfect (unless you are doing a Wizzy-style piece).

So, developing muscles like a tomb raider and acting out scenes from Karate Kid will be my lot for the next few weeks …. the main reason for my anti-social neglect of (not-so-very) social media this past while…

…. I’ll keep you posted.




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3 responses to “Poo in two worlds

  1. Wizzy

    That’s me up there with the goat poo. I’m coming up in the world.

  2. Ah, the scent of goat poo in the morning. :)

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