Plaster, Paper and Snow

I’m currently warming resin on the radiator before rushing out through the snow to pour it in my workshop, only 6 or so more layers needed, I hope. Leaving it warming while I get distracted has not speeded up the process.

While my sculpture is dragging to it’s conclusion I’ve started work on my next project, a glass bowl.

I have the idea to make an orchid shaped bowl as my first venture into glass work and so needed to make a plaster template as the first step.

Now, as it’s quite a complicated shape to mould my first problem was creating a well shaped former to pour the plaster into. After mulling over the options I have gone for a paper mould, well, paper and cardboard.

I had a bit of foam board left over from my previous piece and, having once been quite handy with foam board and glue (I made architectural models to help pay my way through college) I thought I’d give it a go.


I then covered the outside with strips of paper and wood glue

..and painted the inside with a gloss paint… would it hold?


Yep, it went OK….


and after drying it out a bit on the radiator I took the mould off.


So, I put it back in the airing cupboard and will begin working on it next week. It needs to be perfect as it’s going to be the master template for a refractory mould. A refractory mould is one that gets filled with molten glass and is only used once. Having the master template means that I can repeat the whole thing should it all go horribly wrong.

Anyway it feels great to have started my adventures into glass, and I have a second glass project in my head ready to go too.

Shame I have to work for a living..



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2 responses to “Plaster, Paper and Snow

  1. Will you be doing the glass/furnace work yourself, or having a fabber make it from your molds?

  2. I’m going to do it myself, there’s a workshop about an hour’s drive from here where you can hire a kiln for a firing.

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