The search for perfection and other general news..

I’ve been finishing my sculpture and, as it’s so long since I made my previous one, I’d forgotten how long it all takes.

It’s a striving for perfection that is doomed, I guess. Flat surfaces are never totally flat and square edges are never square unless you are a machine … and I hate machine finishes.

So… aiming for a happy medium, where I am satisfied enough that the slight flaws won’t haunt me til my dying day. It still takes ages. I’m hard to please.

Anyway, the good news is that I’m now finished. I’m writing this after my penultimate varnish layer has gone on and I’m just waiting for it to dry, plucking out the suicidal insects that mistake resin for amber and wish to be eternally encased in plastic.

I’m happy with the result, which is the only thing that matters, but I’m impatient to get going on my new project and so I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when I’m done.

I did go to visit the glass workshop where they have a kiln or two I can hire, it took an hour in the car each way and it was closed when I got there…

I’ll blog some photos in a few days, as soon as it’s all dry.

Otherwise I’ve been quite busy, I’m not used to working 5 days a week, it’s very time-consuming. I’ve been playing Scrabble with Jay Jay but haven’t been inworld much this last month.

It’s a year since I started playing Empire Avenue too, and, apart from the mild amusement it affords me, I am at a loss as to why I continue. Social media, in general, seem to be a complete waste of time and I really don’t know why I participate.

In the ‘real’ world Spring has finally arrived and I’ve been buying plants, planting trees and sowing seed. Most of the gardens I look after I have managed to knock into shape over the past few years but the new ones have still got a long way to go.

I’ve been doing lots of fencing… deer, rabbits, badgers, moles and pigeons are all a pain, mice too. Some clients can be, too…. but can’t fence them out.

I haven’t even started on my own garden yet. Got many tons of horse muck delivered last month and it’s sitting on the beds, breeding mushrooms, and waiting for me to dig it all in. Tomorrow promises to be warm !!! so I’ll have to get out there and get some stuff into the ground…I have plants in the pots they moved in, in, and the poor things need space.

Things are pretty OK though, I had a birthday since I last blogged and I’m older now … yes, I’m an Aries. Probably not much wiser tho… never mind.

Not knowing what the hell I’m doing has never troubled me before…




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5 responses to “The search for perfection and other general news..

  1. Wizzy

    OH THAT’S AN AD. at first i thought you had embedded that Charmin toilet tissue youtube video for some reason. lulz.

  2. Do WordPress make you watch ads?

  3. Hi Soror… i’m with you on Empire Avenue and social media in general. I thank Empire Ave for educating me on how to construct a social network; i really learned a lot. And i had fun building that social network. But the time drain it takes to keep up relationships where you are stretching to find mutual interest is overwhelming. I took mine too far.

    I look at Strawberry Singh, Laurence Simon and other SL’er/bloggers who are connected with EAv and it encourages me to seek the value that EAv offers. But now I wonder. Can you believe this, I feel guilty when I don’t use my daily dividend income to buy more shares of my shareholders.

    I’ve found that WordPress is the best social network I have. I’m subscribed to about 150 blogs and i add new ones often. I know others find Twitter, Facebook, Plurk equally rewarding. I also like Flickr quite a bit. I’m sure I’d like YouTube more if I created more vids. And so it goes. hehe

    Good post, Soror and i hope you sort it all out too. :) Hugs, Yordie

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