The grass court season….

Well, I’m still gainfully employed killing weeds and generally planting nice stuff, mowing lawns (not so many) and fussing about with rich people’s gardens. In between I’m trying to do bits on my own little plot and, of course, watching Wimbledon. I am in fact taking a couple of days off, Thursday and Friday to stare at the small screen and eat too much.

In between all these gardens and lawns I have started on a new sculpture, although it may get to be one of those unfinished lumps of stuff that lie around the studio for years and get moved from house to house… just in case they get finished, as if by magic, by the elves…

The main trouble is that I chose the wrong material to make it out of, it’s plaster, and very hard. Wax would have been a better idea… still… I am eroding it layer by layer…





In other news I have entered my last sculpture in an exhibition…[if it gets accepted] and, although tempted to do the same with my last painting, I thought it probably wasn’t quite good enough… who knows?

Virtual worlds have virtually not seen me for a while… oh well, I guess things will change later in the year… I’m not worrying about that and making another rod for my back.

Life goes on…

Keep well.



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