Beavering away at some old wood.

I was sitting drinking a morning coffee last weekend, outside, as the weather has been glorious, and heard the unmistakeable sound of wood being loaded into a skip. Being a veteran skip raider I wandered round to see one of my neighbours dumping lots of shelving as they are moving house….. I had the lot.


Now just previous to this I had decided to make myself a workbench, my logic being that I have two clients, one with about 5 tons of spalted beech and the other with about 3 tons of dry oak which I could use for whatever I what. Although I have been tempted to buy a glass kiln I reasoned that I have some woodworking skills from my misspent youth when, instead of raising hell in local bars, I had unlimited access to a full equipped joinery workshop.

Seeing as how I am determined to get a holiday this winter after 6 years of wishing for one, I decided I wouldn’t spend, say, $1000 dollars on a new hobby [i.e. glass] but content myself with doing some wood work.

The cosmos sent me a work bench…



There was one good size oak shelf and that I’m using on the left [top of the image] behind the [future] vice to take the bench dogs [pegs]. The pine shelving I’m laying down in two layers and using dowels to hold it all together. I stained them black for decoration..


I still have no idea what I want to make, but working off the floor is a pain in the butt, so I’m hoping that having a proper ‘work station’ will get me in the mood.

I first used epoxy resin and wood together when I was a youth and I think that my recent exploits with coloured resins could tie in nicely with some wood and maybe a bit of silver too…

Anyway… as long as I can resist the temptation to spend a few hundred dollars on a bench vice … I should have a bench for nearly nothing.

I’m going to reorganise my workshop too, the current set-up was just thrown together when I first arrived here and so far it’s served it’s purpose … but now I want a bit more order and space. Time for an overhaul.

I’ll report back when it’s finished.




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