Status update

Well, I’ve finished my work bench, more or less, and fitted a nice new vise which I am very pleased with…..



..and, I’ve decided I like this idea of commissioning work from me …for me. For one thing I don’t need to worry about selling anything, and, I get one (more or less) satisfied customer.

So, I won a bit of money from the UWA competition and I’m going to spend it on tools. My first project is to buy some top quality knife blades from Finland and make some really good handles and sheaths for them…

the post brought me this today…


Brass sheet, a very fancy bit of birch and a small knife blade…

..and I’ve started melting some silver for the fittings. I’ve been a bit of a hunter/gatherer this week picking up pieces of wood from various gardens for possible tool handles, or other decorative bits. Trouble is it all takes so long to dry… oh well, “patience etc.

The weather’s been great here this summer and I’ve been very busy in other people’s gardens … work, work, work … quite boring unless I get a holiday out of it this year…

we’ll see…




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6 responses to “Status update

  1. Beautiful bench! *envy*
    What are the peg/holes for, holding a base up off the surface?

  2. Nice work bench! And congratulations on the prize!

  3. I like the handle on your vise. it looks like woodworking is your vice. ;-)

  4. The pegs and holes are used thus…. put two in the holes on the ‘jaw’ of the vise and two further in when holding wide pieces of wood. They are called dogs.

  5. Thanks Simone.

    Wizzy the handle is temporary …I’m looking for a better one … yep, woodworking is one of my vices…for sure.

  6. Beautiful bench, Soror! Love it!

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