My new craft knife

I just finished my new craft knife, it’s one of a pair of knives I need for general carving and hacking at bits of wood. The next one will be more heavy duty..

I have a bit of a problem with scalpels as they are so hard on the finger tips and so easy to break once you start cutting anything tougher than cardboard….so, the solution was to make my own…

This one has a 42 mm blade made by Lauri in Finland, a hard carbon blade which is said to be one of the best for the price.

I made the handle from apricot wood (from a garden) with a bit of birch I gathered myself from a “witches broom”. The resin (blues) I made myself too. The ferrule is solid silver which I melted down and bashed a lot, and the brass is cut from some old hinges I had lying around.

I set a little garnet into the end….


The whole knife cost me about $8, so I’ve splashed out on my next one…

My next knife is going to be done in peach too, I think, and I went mad a bought a bit of fancy birch. The blade itself is a Vikstom 95, hand forge by Kay Vikstom, also Finnish and cost a whopping $80 …

I’m starting on it this afternoon…




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12 responses to “My new craft knife

  1. robwardantwerp

    Very nice knives… Love beautiful tools

  2. robwardantwerp

    Very nice knives… Love beautiful tools

  3. I am envious! That is some beautiful crafting!

  4. Thanks Miso… it’s just a lot of time, rather than skill.

  5. unbelievable attention paid to the quality of your tool. very admirable. for me, most of my tools are disposable, or i treat them that way. i could learn a thing or two from you. thanks!

  6. Leanna

    This is beautiful!

  7. Thanks to you both. Well…I figured that if my new work bench was like an altar to creativity then the tools should be like religious artifacts …. most of mine are crap cheap shit.

    • Bear Silvershade (@BearSilvershade)

      Aye, if you want to get all mystical, there is definitely something about working with tools you make yourself, a special connection – unfortunately, mine are cameras, so kind of tough for me to make anything more sophisticated than a pinhole :).

      Again, a lovely and elegant tool.

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