My new knife

So, I finished my second knife … more of a heavy duty beast than the craft knife.

The blade is hand forged in carbon steel by a Finnish maker and 4mm thick, so it should take a bashing. The handle is peach wood and birch with coloured epoxy resin, epoxy putty and epoxy glue all used as decorative material.

The design is maybe a bit ambitious as it’s very tricky to get the curves to match perfectly, but the result is certainly good enough for workshop use.

The silver ferrule was nearly two ounces of silver and really a bit much for my old blow-torch to manage so the smelt was not perfect but the added weight is excellent as it gives a certain ‘bite’ to the blade.


The end carving is Milky Way inspired … spiral galaxy, that is.


So, now I have a good pair of knives and I’ll have to save my pennies for a decent carpenter’s axe.


My next project, apart from making a rough sheath for the second knife ( I made one already for the craft knife from a pair of old boots) involves this nice wooden bowl. It’s a Munising dough bowl made in flame birch or maple, not quite sure, and bought at a boot fair (garage sale).


I had to have it as it is 13 inches wide which is a huge piece of expensive timber if I was going to try to get it today. The bowl is from the 50’s or 40’s and has warped slightly out of circular which happens to old turned bowls.

The plan is to refurbish it and generally colour it up.

More later…




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8 responses to “My new knife

  1. What a gorgeous set of knifes ready to lend their craftsmanship to other works.

  2. robwardantwerp

    Love the details,the figuring in the wood so perfectly echoed by the curves, wonderful choice of woods, The bowl project will be fun.

  3. Beautifully done! I love seeing handcrafted blades..

  4. You are very talented! I absolutely love your knives, brilliant wood crafter :)

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