Spalted beech project and other news…’s been absolutely ages since I blogged and I’ve missed it, but I’ve been busy with planting an orchard for a client and other more boring stuff like mowing and weeding…

To bring you up to date with stuff I’ve been doing in the workshop… well, you remember the last thing I posted? This bowl was gonna get a face-lift…


…it’s all ready now for some paint…


..something I hope to start this weekend as both my arms have fallen off. [more of that later…]

Then…there was the two knives…I couldn’t have them rolling around on the bench so I cut up a pair of old boots and made temporary/permanent sheaves for them…


…and in a fit of general tidying-up-ness I made a draw for all my small files and chisels…


But, the big project I’ve started on is cutting up some logs for timber/lumber for a new project. I mentioned that I had access to tons of timber, one huge beech (deceased) and an oak. Well, I have large lumps of this now stashed in the garage and I’ve started cutting up the beech…


Two hours later….


…the thing is you never know how good or bad the timber is going to be. It could be full of worm holes …it could be boring and colourless … so it could be a waste of arms and hours…


Luckily it wasn’t and I now have some very nicely marked timber with good ‘spalting’. The colours come from bacteria and water seeping into the wood as it dries and the trick is to get it before it rots, while it still has some strength. I should make interesting woodwork…


Well, that’s about it at the moment…

.. more photos later as the bowl gets finished and I wear my arms out even more…




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4 responses to “Spalted beech project and other news…

  1. that’s an odd coincidence. i just came into a bunch of lumber as well. an old dead hemlock was about to fall down, so these lumberjack professionals came by and offered to take it down safely, plus they cut it up into these huge “rounds” so i have all of those now. i am not nearly as neat as you, in fact my studio looks like i’m a slob. this is mostly because i was taught by my artist mother that a real artist has to have “stuff” laying around to make their art out of.

  2. Yes, it’s difficult to know what to do with the short stuff, I’ve been musing about that too. Certainly I could make boxes or plaques and if I had a lathe (see “build a treadle lathe” on uTube) I could make bowls.
    My bench is only that tidy inbetween projects …and when I’m about to varnish something….
    It’ll be interesting to see what you decide to do with your hemlock.

  3. I borrowed an hydraulic splitter and split most of it up for firewood for this winter. The really big rounds won’t fit the splitter and they have absorbed too much water to split with an axe so maybe I will carve them into something with a chainsaw.

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