Why I hate OSX Mavericks

Safari has stopped working properly..

1) It sends a crash report everytime I log out “Safari closed unexpectedly ..” not really, dummmy, I just closed it.
2) left click “open as Tab” does work.
3) My bookmarks menu is shared with other users…why?

Gimp doesn’t work properly…

When I log out it takes forever…

and this is just after one day using it.

I HAVE repaired disk permissions … no improvement.

Now, I know there are often a few lumps and bumps that need ironing out, but the general impression is that my whole Mac has slowed down. Why release it when it’s shit?

I am not a happy bunny.


Update, 12 April 2014

Downgraded one of my drives as per this video…

now my scanner works again..




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