Busy in the workshop…


Sometimes you look and wonder if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, but then, that’s what we do, mostly. Time and patience usually proves that we should have had a bit more self-belief.

That’s what happened with my latest bit of wood. Too heavy to carry I loaded it on the back of my client’s sit-on mower and drove it round to the car where I tipped it in and drove it home, then tipped it out into the workshop.

The first cut took 3 hours to get half-way … omg … so I went out and bought a new saw. The second half took an hour, but the wood was not quite so dense.

This is what it looked like after the first cut..


Nice lumps of spalted beech, just a few more days of sawing to see if there are two excellent pieces for my next project.

Apart from being a human saw-mill, I’ve also been planing wood for all I’m worth and have a few pieces drying next to the radiator next to the computer.


So… what am I up to? Well, I have in mind to make a couple of chairs. I saw a pair of ‘Danish” style armchairs on eBay and they were £900, so I figured I could try and make some. Even if it took 6 months (which it most probably will) it will be a real test of my skills … I’ll have to do things that I haven’t done before…. and they’ll be unique.

Spalted wood has been invaded by bacteria and fungi that create the black and brown ‘lines’ as well as bleaching parts of the wood. The trick is finding wood that still is structurally sound, and that sort-of matches the other parts. No wonder it’s usually only used for bowls and small items.

Well, I don’t have much else to do this winter and, unlike my sculptures, I have a client (me) who will use them.

Anyway … as they begin to take shape I’ll post some images….

…if my arms haven’t fallen off completely.



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3 responses to “Busy in the workshop…

  1. I can’t believe that you sawed that by hand. I might try that with a chainsaw. I can see the light through that door. It’s coming on Winter, hope you have a warm stove in there.

  2. robwardantwerp

    I love to see those planer shavings… I’ve made a couple of canoe paddles by hand… & yep you will stay warm that way. Fun stuff… I look forward to seeing and hearing about the chairs.

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