Sawing over …

….not completely, but all the heavy stuff is done.

All the wood I hope I’ll need is now drying off before I get to work planing and squaring up individual elements and starting to think about assembling them all into some sort of harmonious whole.

The unknown element is how much the pieces will twist and turn while drying, but I have over-dimensioned them all to allow for some movement. The wood was lying around for over a year, so hopefully it’s not ‘green’ although the moisture content is still quite high. They’ve all been sitting on my radiator next to the computer for a while. I’ve just gathered them all in one place now for a group photo.


I’ve cut enough for two chairs … the basic design looks something like this….

chair new leg best

…an excellent use of Inworldz, I think, I have measured the prims and got the angles ….so a full-size drawing (which would be nice) is not going to happen …I don’t have a drawing table anymore, or any large bits of paper…

Anyway, I’ll be having a Planing Christmas break this year and filling the workshop with shavings…. but, unless I get a visit from Mr. Cockup, I shouldn’t have to saw up any more logs… *phew*!

Have a great break..



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