Comfortably out of my comfort zone

Most of the stuff I do now, as a hobby, is something that takes me well outside my comfort zone. This has been the case now for at least the last 7 or 8 years.

When my heart starts pumping that little bit faster and I know it’s crucial that I get it right, that’s when I know I’m expanding my skills and treading new ground…. for me at least. If there’s not a video on YouTube to tell me how, then I’m really treading new ground.

I’m currently turning my cut-up bits of log into components, so this is no major feat for mankind, we have been doing this sort of thing for centuries. I just visualise each component as an individual sculpture and spend a lot of time making it as perfect as possible, given my limited experience.

The components are all stacked up against my radiator to dry off. Some of them twisted quite badly, but I knew this might happen so I cut them too large and, when I thought they had settled down a bit, I cut them to shape and planed them to size.

I’ve been reading Quiet which is about introverts in an extrovert world, and I’m finding it fascinating [and you know I don’t usually recommend books] as it touches a number of issues like patience, dedicated concentration and solitude, all primary requirements for me and others of a similar disposition during a creative/productive process.

The reason I feel comfortable outside my comfort zone [who doesn’t love an oxymoron] is because I give myself loads of Time to draw on my thinking, visualisation and concentration, all of which I am very comfortable with.

Breaking things down into component steps, setting small tasks and giving myself ample time makes it all quite possible.

Not much in the way of photos as yet, but I will post stuff as it starts to take shape.

Meantime…back to my solitude

Hugs to all and a happy new year


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  1. I’m very happy to see that you’re continuing to challenge yourself while enjoying and appreciating the process! I’ve been a bit stuck on my next “big” direction and have been occupying myself creatively within the tiny canvass of the tweet.

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