Workshop news.

Well, it’s been ages since I last wrote anything. My workshop has been full of plantlets and seedlings but I’ve been doing stuff that hasn’t really been interesting enough to blog about.

Firstly I decided to make footstools to go with my chairs…

and I had to make a sort of cradle to hold the legs at 45 degrees…


…and some of the pieces warped a bit so I ironed them. I know, it sounds a bit mad, but heating the wood makes the lignin melts a bit and can then reform in the right position if you clamp the wood ‘flat’ while it cools. I heard about this on YouTube and so I tried it and it worked…. [they used a paint stripper for the heat]..


Anyway the result…


..and then there was choosing the fabric… I went for this colour…


… it’s manufactured on the Isle of Bute, up in Scotland. So now the cushions are being made in Denmark and I’ll post more detail on that when it’s done.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 17.21.31

So, that’s about it really…time for a new project…

This is my new project, 2 hours old… it’s a solid piece of oak which is huge and too heavy to lift, so the first job is to cut it up…


I’ll post more as it progresses, I think I’m going to make a small bench, but I’m not totally decided yet.



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