There are few things as exciting as a blank canvas, and a new sim is just that, of course.

Bob Wellman of PMGrid has been kind enough to give me a sim with, hopefully, the possibility of upgrading to a Var region sometime in the future.

PMGrid is on the Hypergrid so you can hop there from anywhere on OSGrid …. even though I haven’t yet managed at the time of writing … I have my own PMGrid avatar and hop to OS and Craft for some shopping.

The reason I have decided to build there is that I need more space than I can afford. To really give the impression of being in a forest or other landscape, one sim is just too small. I don’t have the money to be able to hire 4 sims but I feel that this new landscape should be built, the metaverse could use some extensive wilderness areas.

A Var region would give me that opportunity and, on the hypergrid, it would be available to a different selection of people as opposed to, for example, one of the closed commercial grids.

The new possibilities of saving linksets makes moving trees from one grid to the other a lot easier than it was before, even though it doesn’t always work out perfectly. That gives me access to 7 years of my builds, and a varied selection of flora for a new venture.

So… time to build a new landscape, I’ll keep you updated as I go…

It wasn’t quite a blank canvas, but I love that little “return” button…


and then I got the bulldozer out….

in the beginning_001

…terraforming is some peoples’ idea of heaven. The secret is … slowly, slowly…



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3 responses to “PMGrid

  1. oh… I forgot to say…the sim is currently called SAN13 if anyone wants a look

  2. Jim Tarber

    Welcome back to the metaverse. (I already love your terrain!) Have fun!!!

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