Oak Stool Project

I’m back in the workshop after having taken it a bit slowly due to my arm/elbow complaining for a while.

The butterfly joints that I showed last time were to tie together the two pieces I needed for the top, the seat, of my oak stool and they are coming along nicely. There is a bit of a curve that I’ve carved into the top even if it doesn’t show so well on this photo. I have yet to start on carving the edges; and the back (underside) is still pretty scruffy.


For the legs I’ve gone for two A-frame pieces using the heart wood colouring to give a bit of interest. The backside of these two have some blue colouring from a natural iron and tannin interaction which is sometimes seen on oak.


I’ve used this ‘blue’ oak for the pegs which will disappear into the wood to strengthen some of the joints.


The bottom stretcher/rail is gently curved with, I hope, a sort of wave carved into it eventually. This is the fancy joint I used to tie two pieces with similar grain pattern together.


I’m mostly finished on the design stage although I am still drawing details. The way the legs join the seat is still a slight problem for me as I don’t want to put the legs through the seat and I don’t really want any sort of wooden or metal brackets.

The ‘problem’ is that, if I want a simple design, I will be relying on the glue and the single mortice (15mm deep) to stop the wobble that can come with age (of the stool, not my wobble … that can’t be solved with glue) … so I’m still trying different ideas on paper.

Anyway it’s now down to months of sandpapering before I can’t think about assembling…

In the meantime I’m still busy on PMGrid with my build …. I’ll keep you informed




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10 responses to “Oak Stool Project

  1. Miso Susanowa

    Great progress shots; love the joins you are making on this and the chair project. Also love the blue oak; saw it many times in various woods & forests (and many times on lightning-struck oak).

  2. Thanks, yes, hopefully it will get more interesting when I start to put it together. There are only 4 main components tho so that bit should go fast.

  3. Wizzy

    “months of sandpapering”?? Yee Gads.

  4. Ms Shilova

    Stop spoiling my sunday with your incredible skills. I am SO jealous! ;)

  5. SaveMe Oh

    What a waste of time

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