The Oak Stool

Well, I’ve finished my stool … maybe another top coat of varnish still to do on the seat if I’m feeling like I can improve on the finish.

The seat is Tiger Oak, which is simply oak with a bit of spalting in the grain .. close up it looks almost like small lines of cork and the markings have quite a rust red colouring.


The legs I’ve made from oak showing the heart wood (dark) and semi decayed outer wood to get the contrast.



The gold paint is Winsor & Newton Liquid Leaf with ‘Treasure Sealer’ varnish to keep the shine [ordinary varnish makes the gold quite dull]. … and I just used an emulsion paint for the turquoise with some ink to colour it.



As I started in May, it’s been 5 months, minus a 3 week shelving project, so, about 16 week ends … a good sort of length of time, and a little easier than the armchairs. I wasn’t quite so fussy with it as I thought of it more as a ‘rustic’ look rather than fine carpentry.

It’s been fun and I’m happy with how it turned out.

The result is that I am more convinced than ever that I have to find more ‘quirky’ wood … there’s no point spending time on a boring bit of lumber.

….and… I’m going to upgrade my workshop. Starting next week I’m refurbishing the garage to give me more space and I’m going to make a table saw when I’m finished that…

I have a list of stuff I want to make now … I’ve got the bug.



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  1. Miso Susanowa

    Waow! JUST GORGEOUS!! Great that you “have the bug” again! I’d love to see a “set” photo of the chairs with the stool!

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