“Well, it’s not real, though, is it!”

Don’t you love it when people say (about virtual worlds) “Well, it’s not real, though, is it!”

Some of my virtual friends bought some of my virtual trees with their virtual money which I then converted to buy a cast iron drill.


How’s that for reality?


Some of you may have heard, I’m upgrading my workshop. I’ve spent the last month or so doing it and I’m more or less finished.

I thought you might like to see some photos…



The reason for this is to get a bit more space (especially for drying wood) and I’m hoping it will augur a new phase in my work. I want to get a bit more professional and try and make stuff for sale.

That’s the big idea anyway, we’ll see where it goes.



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3 responses to ““Well, it’s not real, though, is it!”

  1. Your workshop looks fantastic! I have workshop envy. And I love your work, in all worlds.

  2. Thanks Leanna, it’s really not a garage anymore… and all the wood was found stuff. I got a load of half rotten decking for the bulk of it. I seem to be becoming an expert on rotten wood..:)

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