Eve’s Wardrobe

As you may know I’ve been building a wardrobe for the last few months and, finally, it’s finished. It’s basically the biggest thing I could make in my workshop and still move around so I’ll be glad to see it moved indoors.

Now, mythologically, the first person to need a wardrobe was Eve. Once she’d munched the apple she was no longer content with fig leaves and headed for the nearest mall. Historically, though, selective evolution saw to it that those who liked to run around naked (at least in this part of the planet) never got to reproduce. As there are plenty of Darwinian Logic style wardrobes for sale at Ikea (other crap-packed furniture is available), I have tipped my hat to Eve in the decoration of mine.


Well… the prim-like ‘leaves’ on the wardrobe doors are enamelled copper dishes I hammered out and soldered a short length of 5mm copper pipe to the back of. I used a blow torch for that as I don’t have a kiln. I secured them in place with a short piece of plastic hose (5mm internal diameter).


The handles are wood with lots of filler and many layers of paint. To keep the doors closed I’ve buried super magnets into the frame and the doors (eBay) and the hinges are just brass bars (eBay) I’ve drilled.


The top hinge has to be cantilevered like that as the doors aren’t straight-sided.


The apple ….I’m not sure about… it has a copper top and bottom skin, the white bit is made of wood and epoxy resin. The enamelling on it is pretty bad and I’ve bodged it with some varnish, paint and various forms of ticky-tacky.


I used the best paint and brushes I could afford with a primer coat, two undercoats and 3 top coats. It’s not a perfect finish, but it will have to do.

It’s probably cost me around $300 in materials as I bought most of the wood and brass fittings, upcycling where I could.

So..it’s all done now apart from cleaning brushes and rescuing my workshop from the mess.

Happy to have my workshop back…




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