Not all Things are created equal.

There’s often talk about how materialistic our society has become and how possessions rule our lives. Like most generalities there is an element of truth in it which is why it gets told and retold, but also a falsehood lies concealed within.

There is a fundamental difference in Things.

Some are clutter, mass produced and most often have no intrinsic value.

Some are linked sentimentally to a person or place and have an emotional value which far exceeds their economic value…. that pebble from the beach, for example..

Some are so aesthetically pleasing that they ‘give’ every time they are used or viewed. Artworks are sometimes in this category …. although there’s a lot of crap out there posing as Art.
I have a total ‘blindspot’ when it comes to the difference between art and craft, or artisan and artist … but I am in a minority, I’m sure.
Pretentious arguements concerning The Human Condition [one of my most hated phrases] are often bought into play to try and ‘educate’ me.

…and then there are magic things…

Magic things have a power of their own, independent of their beauty, their owner and value.

I think the whole “we are too materialistic” arguement overlooks this differentiation. We are maybe not materialistic enough in that we don’t evaluate Things, we don’t look at them closely enough, we don’t discern.

I love Things.
Some of my Things are junk, those I love less…. but some are more valuable than some people..:)

Anyway … my latest product from the workshop … a knife for my grandson who is a Scout.





The woods are Bird’s Eye Birch and Tiger Oak (from fallen trees), with copper silver and brass spacers. The dark blue resin I made myself and the light coloured plastic is day-glow, it shines green at night.

The lid of the box is sumac (also a tree I felled) and the leather is dyed with blueberries.

The sheath is traditional Nordic style.

… I’m working on a bread box at the moment, trying my hand at dovetail joints. I actually bought some wood .. American Walnut, as no native UK wood can match that rich brown colour.

Photos will follow… but it’ll be a while I guess..



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