A difficult thing…

Making geometrical objects by hand is always difficult. The eye is a very accurate organ and we can always detect when things are a little “wonky”. All handmade objects are a little wonky and that’s what makes them pleasing to the eye.

Well, my mirror takes wonkiness to a new level, but I’ve come to terms with it and realise I would have had to use some machines (e.g. router) to make it more geometrically perfect (or more skill and time).

I started off with some sweet cherry from a tree I had felled in a clients garden…

I needed 8 pieces of wood and they had to be very well joined and pegged as a very thin structure would have to support a heavy old mirror. The mirror was given to me, it came from the door of a wardrobe and it had “excelsior 12 10 1903” marked on the back. It has a few “shades’ internally, like old mirrors do, but not bad at all.

I painted it with a pearlescent paint over a pale turquoise base and varnished it with a burnt umber glaze.

I used two vertical aluminium strips, 3 x 12 mm, to link the top and bottom rail at the back so the weight would be distributed evenly (otherwise I would have had to hang it vertically).

So, it’s gone into the spare room which is the darkest room in the house and I’m fairly happy with it.

I’m currently working on an inlaid side table (end table) in oak with walnut or ebony inlay …. I haven’t quite decided yet. Both the walnut and ebony are reclaimed, the oak is from the big tree that has supplied all my previous oak pieces.

More later…




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