Side table in oak with holly and ebony inlay

I have been working on this table for quite a while now and finally, after ages getting the legs “just right”, I got around the doing the inlay I had been planning over the Christmas period.

Because it’s all done by hand the inlay was quite thick. I had cut up a very ugly African mask I bought at a boot-fair into strips about 5-7 mm thick. The holly was from a tree I cut down locally. (The holly stains quite quickly so you have to dry it fast) …

Anyway it all turned out quite well, the only slight problem being the ebony which tended to colour the glue I used on the holly making the glue look brown. The joints are all pretty good though so it’s not very noticeable.

I’ve just got hold of a couple of old logs of Yew for my next project and I’ve made a start on them too…

All good here though, apart from the cold…




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2 responses to “Side table in oak with holly and ebony inlay

  1. Etierre Bonde/Sarah Berner

    I saw your name on the U of Western Australia blog. So wonderful to see your RL creations after being such a fan of your works in virtual worlds (Inworldz and SL). I love this Celtic table so much! Really pretty and original. I really enjoy seeing your work and the narration for the process.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I’m onto a new table currently, in yew and I’ll post stuff as it happens.

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