All shall be well …

All shall be well and all shall be well … all manner of thing shall be well. That’s the inscription on the spalted beech bowl shown below. The quotation is from a piece by Julian of Norwich who was writing in 1395. I think it’s the earliest writing by a woman in English.




I bought the bowl, it was a very poorly carved thing and I did quite a lot of work to it. The spangly glitter is just to pimp it up a bit, the wood is a little porous in places.

It’s a quotation that I’ve enjoyed and I’ve wanted to carve it on something for a while now.

I’ve been cutting up birch by the log full for a while now… I’m aiming to do my 3rd table, but the wood has to dry. It’s all stacked in my airing cupboard for the winter. I’ll probably make a start around Christmas time.

Weather’s great … hugs to all








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2 responses to “All shall be well …

  1. Sayumi Tsunenaga

    Such a sense of history, and the possibility of a random piece to be turned to new uses to bring alive a significant historical document – of which I was myself unaware until now, and I thought myself well read. So good to see your creativity continuing also in the real world. *smile* My comment here was prompted by your own kind comment on my blog… so many years ago, and to which I never replied. Was I really so self absorbed and thoughtless in those days?

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