Wicca table ….. for a white witch or wizard.

Well, this would do to read Tarot from or whatever. I just finished this although I drew it about a year ago … I’ve been doing other stuff.

It’s made from a piece of silver birch I got from a local tree, it was a huge limb that had to come off.

The inlay is about 4 or 5mm thick, plum and recycled mahogany.

I had done a 3 legged table and one with 4 legs, so it seemed 5 was the next step. I couldn’t find any 5-legged ones online so I guess it’s quite unusual.


the Wicca table

As usual I went to great lengths to pin, peg and ‘butterfly’ all the pieces (I hate to rely on glue solely).


5 legs and the construction

 The logo is the first hexagram from the I Ching … “creative power” .. my caligraphy.

I’ve already started cutting wood for my next long term project, I have been given some Ash from local tree and it should be enough for a small chinese style cabinet.

…and enough silver birch drying for a couple of chairs but…. no room in the house for more furniture as yet.

Keep well




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8 responses to “Wicca table ….. for a white witch or wizard.

  1. Wizzy

    This is fucking brill.

  2. Scottius

    Soror! You can thank Wizzy for me finding you again. Wonderful work, and hope you’ve been doing well.

  3. Thanks Scottius, Facebook doesn’t want me so I’m just here, and Etsy and Flickr and Ello occasionally. I’m doing well, thanks…. and you too I hope. My email is sorornishi@mac.com.

  4. Wizzy Gynoid

    I came across this again. It’s still fucking brill.

  5. Thanks, yes, it’s a good one.

  6. Paul Bouchard

    I’d been thinking of trying a Chinese three legged stool. This one is next level. Amazing.

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