Some things take a long time…

It’s been a while since I last wrote and that’s because I’ve been working on a very complicated piece that will not be finished for a while yet.

I started to make a cabinet based on a sort-of chinese style that was going to be slightly alchemist flavoured …. [I’m not sure what that means either].

I began in August 2019 when I finished the Wicca table [ see below]. and had a lot of wood to cut up … as you know I do that by hand, and I wanted to start drying it as soon as possible. Well I had a load of Ash from a few of my clients’ gardens and that is what I used.

Then, while it was drying, I put some more stuff on Etsy and made a few of the decorative bits and pieces that I would incorporate afterwards…e.g. two panels, one of Luna and one of Sol and some flashes for the outside of the doors.

Well almost a year later and I had this to show for it;

The little recessed copper handles I forged from some copper bar I bought on ebay and the used a Japanese patina called niiro … otherwise called rokusho [although that is actually the name of the compound rather than the patina] … anyway it turns copper a rich red rather than the muddy brown it normally goes.

I didn’t use ply for the inside of the draws, but made them from solid ash.

I then tarnished the ‘gold’ leaf to give it a bit of age.

…and this is where I am now…

The doors are nearly hung, and the architrave is finished….

The two panels are fitted to the insides of the doors

This is Luna

..and this is Sol.

I still have the stand and legs to do but, unfortunately, I’ve pulled my biceps [right arm] … so I’m having to take it easy for a while.

I’ve used the time well, though, and got some of my jewellery up on Etsy. [Last year I sold the bowl and the knife along with a few other things.]

I’ve carved a couple of dragon claw feet for the stand but have a few more months to go before it even starts to take shape. When it does I’ll post more pics.

I hope you are all keeping well, the virus hasn’t had much effect on me as I normally spend my time communing with shrubs and lawns … and they are unaffected.

Virtual hugs to all



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