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All my (4) latest blog posts are at . Most of you know that I’m sure, but this is for those that don’t…




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Marketplace … 3 texture sets.

I finally got around to putting some more stuff on Marketplace. I’ve been meaning to for a long time, but you know how it is….

Anyway, three sets of 36 textures in Copy/Mod format for those that would like them

Tex wall one v2_001

texture set 3.0

Texture Set two_001

and a few headdresses….
and a few bonsai…
and a couple more trees.

Now… I’ll try and do more before Christmas… but … we’ll see…


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Walnut Bread Bin

Well, not much to say really …I bought some Walnut (wood) offcuts from eBay and made a bread bin.

I wanted to see how difficult it was to do a dovetailed box. It took a bit of time, but generally I did OK. I’m not sure how often I’ll be dovetailing, but it is a very strong box, due mainly to the dovetailing.

The handle is made from Sumach (Rhus Glabra) and the rest is Walnut apart from the little shelf thing which is 3mm bamboo (skewers for kebabs) and untreated.

The constructivist carving is one I adopted from something I found online, so not entirely original … but carving “BREAD” seemed a bit tame.

On to the next……


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Not all Things are created equal.

There’s often talk about how materialistic our society has become and how possessions rule our lives. Like most generalities there is an element of truth in it which is why it gets told and retold, but also a falsehood lies concealed within.

There is a fundamental difference in Things.

Some are clutter, mass produced and most often have no intrinsic value.

Some are linked sentimentally to a person or place and have an emotional value which far exceeds their economic value…. that pebble from the beach, for example..

Some are so aesthetically pleasing that they ‘give’ every time they are used or viewed. Artworks are sometimes in this category …. although there’s a lot of crap out there posing as Art.
I have a total ‘blindspot’ when it comes to the difference between art and craft, or artisan and artist … but I am in a minority, I’m sure.
Pretentious arguements concerning The Human Condition [one of my most hated phrases] are often bought into play to try and ‘educate’ me.

…and then there are magic things…

Magic things have a power of their own, independent of their beauty, their owner and value.

I think the whole “we are too materialistic” arguement overlooks this differentiation. We are maybe not materialistic enough in that we don’t evaluate Things, we don’t look at them closely enough, we don’t discern.

I love Things.
Some of my Things are junk, those I love less…. but some are more valuable than some people..:)

Anyway … my latest product from the workshop … a knife for my grandson who is a Scout.





The woods are Bird’s Eye Birch and Tiger Oak (from fallen trees), with copper silver and brass spacers. The dark blue resin I made myself and the light coloured plastic is day-glow, it shines green at night.

The lid of the box is sumac (also a tree I felled) and the leather is dyed with blueberries.

The sheath is traditional Nordic style.

… I’m working on a bread box at the moment, trying my hand at dovetail joints. I actually bought some wood .. American Walnut, as no native UK wood can match that rich brown colour.

Photos will follow… but it’ll be a while I guess..


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Flower bowl from dough bowl.

Nearly 3 years ago I started on the refurbishment of an old dough bowl I bought at a bootfair.


I started off carving it out a bit


Then gave it a bit of paint

It’s a design I had wanted to make out of glass but I would have needed a lot of machinery and so, it didn’t happen.

It’s Ok in wood, and I’m glad to have finished off another of those “little projects” that can quickly fill a workshop..


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New Tiger Oak Caddy-style Box

Design isn’t always straightforward, some things need to sit on the workbench as one of many possible solutions rises to the surface of the Possibilities Stew. When it finally does emerge it can necessitate a whole bunch of different decisions … and this can take a bit more contemplation. This is one of those things that took it’s time to complete.

The joints using mini bamboo pins reminded me of stitching, I’ve never seen it before, but it work well for this piece.

I’m very happy with the result, I like the balance of the overall piece.

The inside is almost impossible to photograph, The “Power of Creativity” symbol [first sign in the I-Ching] is done in a blue/green glitter and then a layer of clear epoxy was poured over to create a sort of black mirror. The sides are in a rippled epoxy finish. It just reflects your face when you look in…. or the camera when you try to photograph it.

Anyway, I have another piece I’m just finishing off that has also taken ages … more of that next week.

Enjoying Wimbledon..:))

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Posh bird table in oak

It’s been ages since I posted anything about my workshop projects apart from a few photos of my wild plum slabs which are currently drying and warping and splitting at this moment in time. Not unsurprising when you try to dry something too fast…. should create an interesting set of problems later in the year….

I have finished the first of a number of smaller projects which are ‘on the bench’ at the moment, namely my posh bird table.

I’ve cobbled this together with bits of reclaimed oak along with a few newer pieces, using slate for the roof.

I’ve managed to use pegs rather than screws, mostly, as I’m pretty sure that the weather and bird poo will subject it to quite a bit of stress …[if bird tables ever get stressed]. Which is why I chose solid oak rather than anything fancy.

The pole it sits on is just a cherry laurel post I had hanging around and will obviously rot but the peg connecting the two pieces is Australian Ironwood which is, not surprisingly, hard as iron. It should be a simple process to replace the pole when it’s time is up.

I’m also working on another Tiger Oak box with an oriental ‘style’ which should be appearing on these pages soon … and one or two other bits and bobs.

Anyway … back to work..

XX soror

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